an amazing artist

Just a little over the stage of a toddler as he was at the age of 3, Rabin was caught drawing on the wet earth scribable floor of their thatched dwelling house. His mother often scolded him for spoiling the evenness of the floor. But the urge for creation is as powerful as that of sunshine. It is irresistable. He realised that his creation had no meaning to the poverty stricken mother.

He shifted the canvas from soft earth floor to muddy sloppy bank of the river flowing close to their house in the village of Amta in West Bengal. The splashy ripples of waves wash away the drawings which much to his delight encouraged Rabin to go for yet another. The sight of nature finds reflection on the glossy river banks in the incredibly tender nib fingers of Rabin. He used to draw and scribble anywhere that could catch his fancy. Thus a determined Rabin started his unknown journey on painting. He was born in 1976.

Since then it is over a decade now the life of Rabin has been of creation, perfection, attainment, accolades & success. The hunger for food having mitigated the hunger of creation emboldened his creative instinct to plunge deep into the performing art of painting with all its facets and spectrum. Thenceforth his every creation was an innovation. He made successive records at national & inter national level. He beheld human sufferings as the theme of his creation as he saw life at the roots. The struggle for human existence against poverty and social injustice finds its focus in his creation. Rabin believes that poverty makes a man perfect.



Achieved two unique world records in the year 2011 for his extraordinary performances viz. speed painting of thirty sketches on 2*3 feet paper in just three minutes and painting with both the hands and one leg simultaneously on three different canvases of size 3*4 feet in only three minutes.

Included name in Indian Book of Record on March 29th, 2012 for his miraculous painting with both the hands and one leg on three different canvases at a time.

Made a record in “SABAASH INDIA “ of ZEE TV in the year 2007 for his miraculous painting of three great personalities of India by using his two hands and a leg together at a time.

Positioned his name in Assamese Book of Records.

Won the performer of the day award in SONY TV show named “ENTERTAINMENT K E LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGA” in the year 2010.

Two times Record holder from ETV BANGLA in the show named “MOJAR HAAT” for his thirty sketches in just three minutes.

Awarded by M/s. Asian Paints in the Year 2011 at New Delhi for his astonishing show of drawing.

Received felicitation and award from Spring Dales School in the year 2002 for his extraordinary performance in the school premises.